CZST - Stewart, Canada (XP10, XP11)

There are only very few places on earth with such beautiful scenery in close proximity to an airport as it is with Stewart Airport in British Columbia. At the end of the Portland Canal, almost on the border between the USA and Canada, there lies the small town of Stewart with a small, but well-known and popular airport, tall, majestic mountains tower like walls on both sides of the airport. When this complex terrain combines with not the best of weather, which is the case for most of the year in this region, each approach and departure can be a real challenge. If Stewart is going to be a stop off here on your flights around British Columbia and Alaska, or if it becomes your home airport where you will take some helicopter sight-seeing flights in the close vicinity, be assured that you will fall in love with this scenery.

  • Interesting fact:

    Stewart and nearby Hyder have become a favourite location for Hollywood filmmakers. In 2002, the movie Insomnia, with Al Pacino and Robin Williams was filmed here. In 1982, Stewart was one of the places that Universal Studios chose to film the famous horror, The Thing.